Impresariaat voor buitenlandse vertellers

A great night

Blog dd. 4-11-2015

Yesterday I had the blues. It was the day after. I felt restless and had a strange feeling in my stomach. All because the first British Story Night I organized, had passed by. And a GREAT night it was.

Nick opened the evening playing his harp and got started with a story about a lovely dream that ended after a laughable twist. Emily followed his example and told the amusing story about Jack; always nagging, pecking and complaining to his wife. Untill she made him walk in her shoes for just one day. That was when the audience became part of the story, since it was asked to cry like a baby, chuck like chickens and grunt like a pig.

Playing her bluesharmonica afterwards, she paved the way for Nick to return with a fabulous story about Robin Hood and a grateful elderly lady. After that Emily made us leave England, guided by the sound of her humming partner and his ‘singing bowl’. She took the audience to Scandinavia with a Norse myth, explaining how land was created and gave an example of Loki making trouble in Asgard, home of gods like Odin and Thor.

After a short break, the story night continued with Nick and a nice version of a riddle story, were a king gets three puppets and the difference between them can only be found with a hair. Still this was not all Nick and Emily Hennessey had in store. Now Emily came to the stage with a stick that she used in a brilliant way while telling everybody how Ganesh came to life. Finally food for thought was presented by Nick, who introduced the seventh and last story with a beautiful song, playing his harp again. And whether if the next king of Ireland now knows if he is doing the right thing or not: the way Nick repeated: ‘Feed me... I’m hungry…’ is unforgettable. He delivered a perfect ending to an impressive evening of superb storytelling.