Brede School Verslaggevers Impresariaat voor buitenlandse vertellers

22-09-2017: Story Night Op Zolder

Two renowed storytellers, Clare Murphy and Daniel Morden visit Belgium together! Why? To tell The remarkable tale of Robert Desnos. A very impressive, inspiring and hopeful show that everybody should see. 

Robert Desnos, a French poet was locked up in Buchenwald in 1944. Within those bleak walls Desnos had to find ways for his mind and heart to survive the blows of fate. Daniel Morden and Clare Murphy tell tales that ask is our fate set? Or is there no fate but what we make?

The remarkable tale of Robert Desnos is an exploration of fate and resilience and is suitable for the age 14+.

The show will start with a 'supportact' by Katty Wtterwulghe.

Time: 20.15-22.15 uur / 08:15 - 10:15 PM, doors open at 07.45PM
Entrance fee: 
Early Birds € 10,- (sign up before July 31)
Regular fee € 12,- (sign up before Sept 2)
At the door € 15,- (if not sold out...)
Venue: Op zolder, Kerkstraat 52, 2950 Kapellen, België

To sign up, contact VZW Kerkstraat 50