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12-04-2018: Workshop Common Sense

Workshop: Common Sense - Adding flavour to your storytelling

Let international storyteller Peter Chand help you to add fragrances, tastes, textures and sounds to help your story sizzle. When you really use your senses, a story connects in a much deeper way.

Peter’s parents hail from the Punjab region of India, and he is renowned for bringing his stories to life by describing foods and tastes in such detail, that they linger not just in your memory, but also on your tongue!

All levels of experience welcome, but a willingness to participate is a minimum requirement. Suitable for storytellers, writers, tour guides and anyone who uses narrative in their work. Maximum group size 16 - a minimum 11 participants is required. 

Time: 19:00-22:00h (short break included)
Venue: music school Art4U, Bossebaan 60, 5503 KC Veldhoven
Costs: € 40,= p.p. to be payed in advance.

To participate, please call +31 6 2808 3318.